Visibility leads to Stability

Calipso Features

  1. Smart Discovery
    Calipso uses API, DataBase and Command-Line adapters for interfacing with the Cloud infrastructure to logically discover every networking component and it's relationships with others, building a smart topology and inventory.
  2. Automated Setup
    Calipso uses Sensu framework for Monitoring. It automatically deploys and configures the necessary config files on all hosts, writes customized checks and handlers to setup monitoring per inventory object.
  3. Modeled Analysis
    Calipso uses a unique logical model to help facilitate the topology discovery, analysis of inter-connections and dependencies. Impact Analysis is embedded, other types of analysis are possible through a plugin framework.
  4. Visualization
    using it's unique dependency model Calipso visualize topology, inventory details and monitoring results, in a highly customizable and modeled UI framework
  5. Monitoring
    After collecting the data, from processes and workers provisioned by the cloud management systems, Calipso dynamically checks for health and availability, as a baseline for SLA monitoring.
  6. Reporting
    Calipso allows networking administrators to operate, plan for maintenance or troubleshooting and provides an easy to use hierarchical representation of all the virtual networking components.
Virtualized clouds are dominating the marketplace with cost effective use of the IT infrastructure.  Those virtualized environments are using a set of software platforms for building and managing cloud computing for public and private applications.
Network administration overhead is currently one of the major challenges faced by the cloud operators and their end customers.
For example, virtual networking in OpenStack, Docker or Kubernetes is complex and provides limited visibility, common and coherent representation of all physical and virtual network elements and theirs connections/relationships.
Consequently, network administrators supporting those environments cannot estimate impact of micro failures in their infrastructure nor react easy enough to those failures. successfully discovers and analyze those environments, collecting information about physical and virtual networking components in OpenStack and other virtualized platforms, representing them in an easy to operate, modeled graphical form and monitoring those components for availability and health.

Calipso guarantees reduction of more then  90% of discovery and analysis time for troubleshooting and general maintenance of cloud virtual networking.

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